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IELTS Writing Process 2 Taste 517 – Global warming is one of the most serious concerns Details Updated: Friday, 03 November 2015 Authored By IELTS Advisor About 40 minutes should be spent by you on this Global-warming is one of the issues that are most severe today that the planet is facing. What are global warming’s causes and what measures can individuals and authorities take to tackle the problem? Provide reasons for your solution and include any examples that are pertinent from experience or your own knowledge. At the very least 250 words should be written by you. Test Answer 1: in climatic situations of The World, an important shift has been discovered by us for Your past several years. Move in ecological process is largely due to globalwarming that has become an acute problem. This essay can recommend remedies to lower the danger associated with this difficulty that is alarming and will review the main factors behind globalwarming.

There are various triggers behind global warming, but it is mainly as a result of effect. Greenhouse effect is a happening where fumes for example carbon-dioxide trap temperature from your sunshine which causes the international temperature to go up above optimal degree. Pursuits of people contribute equally in raise of global warming. Factories and cars leads to emission of fumes and carbon gases that are wearing the ozone layer encompassing the planet earth. Using fossil fuels and other risky substances are other reasons of globalwarming. Additionally, without acknowledging seriousness and its harmful results of the issue nations have become more developing and are dropping waste within the environment. Climbing temps because of global warming might bring about reduction of polar icecaps that’ll trigger extreme floods and also other severe climate. This essential problem which could probably get rid of the human race ought to be death on individual and government level. Authorities should impose stringent plans and rules to regulate carbon gases’ exhaust from industries. More emphasis should be manufactured on utilizing substitute petroleum goods which might be environmental friendly. Industries which are certified green must be charged lower tax rate. Attention plans ought to be arranged to coach masses. Apart from government, individual users perform their position and of the community should step forward. People should pick automobiles that are natural for their travel necessity; they would rather work in inexperienced certified sectors should dump the waste properly and instruct others.

Global warming poses serious risk to mankind, wildlife and ecosystem of the earth to conclude. Governments and civilians equally reveal equal obligation to defeat this problem and create planet earth safer for other along with humanity people. Sample Answer 2: Global warming is just a serious global issue that arises as an effect of fumes like Carbon-Dioxide barriers the warmth in the sunshine creating increase within the global heat, this method is known as greenhouse outcomes which includes many triggers believed to be an individual consequence. There are numerous unique methods that might be taken fully to tackle this urgent issue. The principle causes for globalwarming are on account of human pursuits for example deforestation, building factories, driving more automobiles, increasing numbers of airplanes etc. Individual application several fuels and fossils and these all bring about manufacturing of fumes and therefore climbing in international temp, furthermore the maximum increase in the amount of populace resulting in a fantastic fall in natural resources. Furthermore the over lowering of wild-life habitats of woods and exploitation which will lead at the conclusion, this all to dog annihilation are factors behind global warming. Globalwarming has serious results about the atmosphere which developing of droughts and floods and are increasing of sea-level, reduction of polar ice cap which in turn contributes to extreme climate conditions. There are some solutions that authorities and individuals should consume order to prevent and fit a finish to the challenge to place limitations for energy intake by implementation and factories of different green resources of electricity such as: water-power and solar energy. Also authorities must arrange some plans that set principles to protect wildlife might advertise recycling, and inspire rising of more and more trees. Additionally the energy usage might reduce by reducing the number of routes, employing of public transport to decrease utilizing of autos. Environmentally friendly transportation like Cycle must be employed as well as personal cars’ amount must be decreased.

Being a summary globalwarming is really a severe worldwide issue that happen from human actions which desires the governments and also the individuals’ involvement to be concluded.